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LEDbuckle is a buckle with an ultrafashionable design, and a LED display that can show various animations.


The case is made of high-quality plastic with a special heavy-duty decorative surface. Light and durable, the case can be made in many different colors.

For the transparent cover of display, we use only high-quality plastic that additionally can be covered by special decorative material. It adds to LEDs glow additional visual effects and it makes the overall presentation of LEDbuckle much better and richer.

The variety of bright colors of display and case makes LEDbuckle a unique product.

The universal mounting LEDbuckle allows putting buckle on most unusual places. Thus, besides belt it can be hooked on pants’ or shirt pocket, handbag, backpack or bicycle… the list is endless.

If you like, you can create your own animations right on our site or download ready-made ones from the library of animations. ClipMaker...


The support of the wireless technology IRDA allows downloading new animations without additional software or special drivers from any device with IRDA port, like cell phones, handheld, or PC.

The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery allows LEDbuckle working continuously up to 10 hours. It is very convenient and there’s no need to spend additional money on batteries.



Standard set includes wire for USB recharge, English manual and standard package.

Additional accessories – power adaptor according to your country voltage requirements – can be ordered separately.

For those who haven't IRDA-port on the computer, PDA or mobile phone we may offer USB-IRDA Dongle for PC.

User’s manual

Standard set includes user’s manual in English. We also can offer Spanish and Russian version. Also we are ready to produce user’s manual in any language required. More…

Firmware upgrade

LEDstream, LEDbadge Pro(starting from v. 4.0), and LEDbuckle support firmware upgrade. We are continuously striving to improve our products by making them more flexible and convenient to use. That is why we constantly add new functions to our products. Our customers can add these functions by a simple firmware upgrade. It is really simple. More…

Language support and fonts

LEDbuckle supports different languages and fonts in graphic mode. It means that you can use any symbols by drawing them dot by dot in our program Clip Maker on our site. It is really simple. More…


We offer a variety of different packaging options: from high-quality with excellent design to cheaper and simpler yet also of good quality. More…


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Terms and conditions

We work painstakingly to deliver a maximum number of services and to organize our work around our clients. More…


We offer OEM delivery with your own packaging design. More…