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Firmware upgrade

LEDstream (v.4.0 and higher), LEDbadge Pro (v.4.0 and higher) and LEDbuckle allow firmware update. We constantly strive to make our products better, to make them more flexible and more convenient to use. That is why we constantly add new functions to our devices. Our customers can add these new features to the existing devices by simple firmware upgarde. It is really simple.

First, you have to determine your device’s firmware version. It is on display during the first turn on of the device. If you forgot the firmware version, all you have to do is discharge the device completely, then to hook up the power adaptor or USB and turn the device on. The display will show the firmware number.

After you determined the firmware number, check the list below for the newer version of the firmware. The necessary firmware version you should download to your computer. Unpack the archive to the temporary folder. There are two files in the archive. The one, history.txt list all the changes in versions. The second is a firmware upgrade file. The firmware upgrade occurs when you send the file to the device, the same way you change information in your device. The firmware change occurs only after successful transfer. Therefore, if there were any problems during the transfer, it will not hamper the work of your device.

During the firmware change, all information that was in the device will be erased.

LEDstream (v. 4.0 and higher)

LEDbadgePro (v.4.0 and higher)

LEDbuckle (v.1.0.2 31.01.2007)