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Localization and fonts

LEDstream (v. 4.0 and higher) and LEDbadge Pro (v.4.0 and higher) support different languages and fonts. The device can display simultaneously two alphabets – English and national.

The display of symbols of different alphabets is limited by the resolution of the display in our devices. Thus, LEDstream is 8 dots high and LEDbadge Pro is 7 dots high. It means that these devices can display any symbols of European and American languages, some Arabic alphabets and cannot display most hieroglyphs. If your national alphabet can be reproduced by 7 vertical dots, then our devices will work fine with your language.

LEDbuckle can display any symbols in graphic mode. The vertical resolution is 12 dots. It means that in graphic mode any symbol of European, American, Arabic languages can be displayed, as well as most of hieroglyphs.

Per our clients’ request, we produce our devices LEDstream, LEDbadge Pro, and LEDbadge Light with the support of some national languages. For this, the client has to present an ASCII table that has all symbols of the alphabet in certain places and in shape and form that would satisfy our client.

An example of presented fonts.

If you want to change the localization of your device or change the shape of standard fonts and we don’t have your national firmware in our list, then you can create a new firmware for your language or a unique font by yourself. It is really easy. Download our program FontDesigner. Follow the instructions in user’s manual you can create your personal fonts or adapt our device to support your localization.