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LEDjewelry is really a new word in fashion. LEDheart, LEDcross, and LEDapple – all of them are the beautiful jewelry with an amazing design and an arrogant radiance.


The case is made of high-quality plastic with a special sturdy decorative surface. Light and durable, the case can be made in many different colors. 


For the transparent cover of display, we use only high-quality plastic that additionally can be covered by special decorative material. It adds to LEDs glow additional visual effects and it makes the overall presentation much better and richer.

On the back side there is a control button that can change the modes of glow.

The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery allows LEDjewelry working continuously up to 10 hours. It is very convenient and there’s no need to spend additional money on batteries.



Standard set includes wire for USB recharge, English manual and standard package.

Additional accessories – power adaptor according to your country voltage requirements, and a chain – can be ordered separately.

User’s manual

Standard set includes user’s manual in English. We also can offer Spanish and Russian version. Also we are ready to produce user’s manual in any language required. More…


We offer a variety of different packaging options: from high-quality with excellent design to cheaper and simpler yet also of good quality. More…



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