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LEDbuckle User’s Manual

LEDbuckle and LEDjewelry are fashionable spectacular accessories united with the latest innovation in electronics. Modern unique and quality design of these products attracts attention in the daytime. But most important due to the use of light emitting diode technology our spectacular articles become the source of focused attention in the evening and night. And what else do you need in the clubs, discos, on beach etc.?



Make you light more bright and intensive with our amazing accessories of LEDjewelry series – LEDbuckle, LEDheart, LEDcross, LEDapple…!!!

If you want to really impress your friends or acquire new ones or attract attention of a someone special just put our accessory on a belt, hand, T-shirt, handbag… or put it on a neck or just wear it as a charm and you will be a real party star.

What is LEDbuckle? It is a buckle on a face side of which there is a graphic light emitting diode screen with a resolution of 24x12 pixels.

On this screen any primitive pictures and animations can be displayed. These animations can be downloaded from our site or you can create your own also in our site (ClipMaker) and then upload to LEDbuckle. Any symbols, letters or words could be displayed on graphic mode.



Now we offer unique device on a market. Due to the original mounting it can be attached not only to a belt instead of a buckle but to any place of your favorite belt. Moreover, LEDbuckle can be attached anywhere – to a shirt pocket or a pants’ pocket, to baseball hat, bag pack, etc.


LEDbuckle is sold with the preloaded animations.

There is a control button on the back side of LEDbuckle.

Long press turns LEDbuckle on and off. Short press changes subsequent animation.

At that, you can see animation number before it is displayed.

After you choose the animation you want, it is displayed in rotating animation mode.

If you want to display all animations in turn consequently press button until animation number 7 the appropriate symbol “all rotating animations” is displayed.

To change a mode, choose the animation you want by cascade sweeping.

New animation upload

LEDbuckle supports the wireless technology of animations update. All you need is any device with IRDA port (cell phone, a handheld, or a PC). No drivers or additional software is needed. Thus, after you downloaded new animations from our web-site, or created your own unique animation, you’ll be able to upload it to LEDbuckle from any device with IRDA port.

There is an IRDA receiver on the screen of LEDbuckle. Using standard cell phone, a handheld, or PC operations, you may send the downloaded file by directing IRDA port to the screen of LEDbuckle.

To conserve energy, IRDA port works only for 3 minutes after the device is turned on. If you want to activate it again, you have to turn LEDbuckle off and on again.

HOWTO send a new clip to LEDbuckle


1.     If you have internal IRDA-port (usually for notebook’s owners) check that it’s switch on and work properly (see your PC’s documentation).

2.     If you don’t have internal IRDA-port, use the dongle from delivery set. Insert the USB-IRDA dongle from delivery set to USB-port of your PC. Windows XP (2000) install it by automatically.

3.     You may use USB cord extender from delivery set  for more convenience.

4.     The distance between IRDA-ports may be different and depends on brands. Normally the distance is 10-15cm (max. – 50cm). Some brands have too weak signal and the distance decrease to 0cm.

5.     Windows XP permanently scan environment by IRDA-port .  Put LEDbuckle’s  IRDA window forward of PC’s IRDA window. LEDbuckle's IRDA located on the body face , left side, behind the glass.

6.     LEDbuckle blank its screen. This mean, that communication is start. IMPORTANT! Don’t move the devices now.

7.     Windows XP automatically find LEDbuckle and add the icon on the desktop and second icon  to the tray.

8.     Drag and drop the clip file on the icon on the desktop.

9.     New window show you copy process.

10.  After it finish just remove LEDbuckle from PC’s IRDA-port. New clip will be showed on LEDbuckle’s screen.




Download LEDbuckle User’s Manual in PDF format.

HOWTO send a new clip to LEDbuckle.pdf