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Terms and conditions


Our company is striving to offer our clients the maximum convenient and flexible service. That is why our constant clients have the most convenient for them terms of payment.


Our terms of delivery are FOB Shenzhen. It means that the shipment is loaded on board of the client’s carrier ship after the shipment was cleared by China’s customs. All the customs’ duties are paid but the delivery itself is paid by client.

We deliver all the necessary documents:

In addition, we deliver all the necessary certificates for our products.

Minimum quantities

Because we are producers, minimum quantity of shipped products is determined by the manufacturing processes.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our products is:

For our clients’ convenience, we can deliver the first trial order in small quantities.


We produce several types of packaging.

For clients, for whom the appearance, form, and quality of packaging are very important, and the packaging is one of the means of the goods promotion, we offer high quality packaging with excellent design.

For clients, for whom the packaging is not one of the main factors of promotion we offer high quality packaging that is cheaper and simpler in terms of forms and design.


Many our clients work on the market under their own brands. We understand their desire to get additional competitive advantages and we are ready to deliver our products as OEM.

OEM delivery can be done for MOQ only. The client gives us the packaging design and other necessary information. Depending on design, the cost of products can be higher.