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LEDbadge Pro

LEDbadge Pro – is a light-emitting diode badge with the maximum set of features. This badge was designed specifically for the professional use.

LEDbadge Pro uses wireless IRDA technology for fast, convenient and mobile information change. Information can be changed from any cell phone with IRDA port, or a handheld computer. And you don’t need special drivers or software.

Visual effects attract attention to the information on display with maximum effectiveness.

The possibility of firmware upgrade allows changing fonts when necessary. And also one can add new functions without additional expenses.

If you plan to use many badges as, for example, on a conference or an exhibition, where one needs to change information quickly on many badges, then LEDbadge Pro will be the best choice.

If you plan to use badges for waiters or bartenders, where information has to be changed often and visual effects are in demand, then LEDbadge Pro is a really rational choice for you.


  • No wires, drivers or special software

  • Simplicity of information change from any device with IRDA port (cell phone, handheld, PC)

  • 5-symbol display

  • 8 breathtaking visual effects – inversion, scroll, dissipation, etc.

  • Different languages support

  • 512 bytes of memory (approx. half a page of text)

  • Bright colors – red, yellow, green, blue, pink, and white

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 18 hours of continuous work)

  • Support of USB recharge

  • Possibility to work with power adaptor

  • Average power consumption – 0,1W

  • Power adaptor – 5V, 200mA

  • Brightness – 320 cd/m2

  • Resolution – 7x32 pixels

  • Dimensions – 90x50x5 mm

  • Weight – 20 g (in package – 75 g)

LEDbadge Light

LEDbadge Light – is a simpler version of a light-emitting diode badge. In order to make LEDbadge more accessible, we removed in LEDbadge Light version wireless technology of information change (IRDA). We also removed the possibility of firmware upgrade, fonts change, and visual effects.

The face of LEDbadge has a keyboard like on cell phones, and the process of putting information into the badge is similar to sending SMS on a cell phone. It is very convenient and intuitive process.

If the way you put information into LEDbadge is not mission critical, and you don’t need visual effects or firmware upgrades, then the purchase of LEDbadge Light is the most rational thing to do.


  • Keyboard is similar to cell phones

  • Information is entered like sending SMS on cell phone

  • Different languages support (with factory firmware installed)

  • 4-symbols display

  • 512 bytes of memory (up to half a page of text)

  • Bright colors – red, yellow, green, and blue

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 18 hours of continuous work)

  • Support of USB recharge

  • Possibility to work with power adaptor

  • Average power consumption – 0,03W

  • Power adaptor – 5V, 200mA

  • Brightness – 320 cd/m2

  • Resolution – 7x21 pixels

  • Dimensions – 90x50x5 mm

  • Weight – 17 g (in package – 70 g)


Standard set includes clip for attaching badge on a pocket, a wire for USB recharge, English manual and standard package.

Additional accessories can be ordered separately. They include power adaptor according to your country voltage requirements and a strap for wearing badge on the neck.

For those who haven't IRDA-port on the computer, PDA or mobile phone we may offer USB-IRDA Dongle for PC.

User’s manual

Standard set includes user’s manual in English. We also can offer Spanish and Russian version. Also we are ready to produce user’s manual in any language required. More…

Firmware upgrade

LEDstream, LEDbadge Pro (starting from v. 4.0), and LEDbuckle support firmware upgrade. We are continuously striving to improve our products by making them more flexible and convenient to use. That is why we constantly add new functions to our products. Our customers can add these functions by a simple firmware upgrade. It is really simple. More…

Language support and fonts

LEDstream and LEDbadge Pro (starting with v.4.0) support different languages and fonts that you can change at any moment. First, check the available firmware updates on our site. If you cannot find a firmware version with the language you need you can make a firmware update for your language or a unique font all by yourself. It is really simple. More…


We offer a variety of different packaging options: from high-quality with excellent design to cheaper and simpler yet also of good quality. More…


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