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LEDbadge User’s Manual


Push-button entry version

LEDbadge Light is a credit-card-size electronic badge, based on LED (light emitting diode) technologies. It has unique feature of information upload – a small cell-phone-like keyboard. It’s very easy and clearly way to put a new message into the badge – the same as to type SMS message into mobile phones. Now LEDbadge has a keyboard on the body face and Li-ion battery inside, similar as mobile phones.

Quick guide

1.     To charge LEDbadge use USB-charge-cable from the delivery pack. You may use USB-port of your computer or charger with USB-jack (option). It takes around 2 hours to full charge. The USB-charge-cable can’t be used for upload messages.

2.     Press button 2 during 2-3 seconds to switch on LEDbadge. It show the message stored in the memory. If the message wasn’t uploaded before or the memory is clear that the screen will be blank. Now the LEDbadge is in the “show message” mode.

3.     A short push on button 4 switches between MESSAGE1 and MESSAGE2.

4.     A short push on button 2 changes the brightness.

5.     Press button 2 during 2-3 seconds again to switch off LEDbadge.

6.     To input your message:

a.     In the “show message” mode short push button 4 to select edited message.

b.    Press button 3 during 2-3 seconds to enter in “edit message” mode.

c.     Input a new message similar as when input SMS message into mobile phones. Following table will help you.




short push: remove preceding symbol in “edit message” mode

long push (3 sec): remove the whole message in “edit message” mode


short push in “show message” mode: brightness change

long push (3 sec) in any mode: switch on/switch off power


short push: Caps Lock (capital letter) in “edit message” mode

long push (3 sec): toggle between “edit message” and “show message” modes


short push   in  “edit message” mode:  English/second language

short push   in “show message” mode: switch between MESSAGE1 and MESSAGE2


pointer left in “edit message” mode: change speed in “show message” mode


pointer right in “edit message” mode: change speed in “show message” mode


Caps Lock on:  [space]. , : “ +- _ * / ! @  in “edit message” mode

Caps Lock off:   [space]1234567890       in “edit message” mode


a….z….other  alphabet symbols   in  “edit message” mode


d.    If you make a mistake that pointer’s movement buttons 5,6 and the delete button 1 will help you.

e.     A short push on button 3 in “edit message” mode switch on\off “Caps Lock”.

f.     A short push on button 4 in “edit message” mode switches a keyboard layout from English to your national one (in case your badge has this feature). One button may insert up to 4 special characters, depends of language particulars.

g.    A long push on button 3 switches to the “show message” mode.

h.     Press button 2 during 2-3 seconds to switch off LEDbadge.

Download LEDbadge Light User’s Manual in PDF format.

LEDbadge Pro

User’s Manual

LEDbadge Pro is a credit card size electronic light emitting diode badge with a unique feature – support of wireless message transmission technology of IRDA. It means that for information change in your LEDbadge Pro you don’t need wires, additional drivers or any other additional software. All you need is any device with IRDA port. It could be a mobile phone, a handheld or a regular PC.

LEDbadge Pro is an electronic light emitting diode badge or the support of eight breathtaking visual special effects. Now you have an opportunity to present an important information in different formats…

To use any of the effects all you need is to put a necessary control tag in the body of your message:

There are no limits on the number of the tags used. Please, pay attention that some of the tags change text in front of them, and others – after them.

Below we’ll examine ways of uploading new messages and using visual effects in LEDbadge Pro.

An example of message upload from the Nokia 6600 cell phone:

Menu –Add. Functions–Notes–Functions–New note–Hello, everybody!-Ready–Functions–Send–via IR port

Turn LEDbadge Pro off and turn it on again.

During the first 10 minutes after the system information has been displayed, you need to transmit the message from your phone.

IR port will turn itself off in ten minutes. It is done to extend battery life.

Direct IR of the phone to IR port of LEDbadge Pro.

User’s message that starts after the system message is displayed dims when the transmission starts.

Cell phone indicates that file was successfully sent, and LEDbadge Pro starts displaying your new message.

An example of sending message from palmtop Palm Tungsten E:

Notebook–12345Hello, everybody! – Record–Transmit

An example of sending message from palmtop HP iPAQ 2110:

Pocket Word–New–12345Hello, everybody! –Tools–File–Save Document As–Type “Plain Text Document” (*.txt) –OK–Text-Tools–File–Beam Document



Now, in order to stop a message that came out from the right, you need to put the tags <stop>.

An example of stopping text <stop> 

The message in front of the tag will stop for 1 second. Do you need longer time? Just put <stop> as many times as you want.



We can make inversion: i.e. dim pixels that were lit and light up those that were dimmed… There is the tag <inv> for that. Everything that is put between these tags will be inversed.

<inv>example of inversed message<inv>



If you really need to “get” somebody, the blinking will help that. The tags <blink> are used the same way as in inversion.

<blink>example of blinking<blink>


Vertical scrolling

There is the tag <scrol> that controls this remarkable effect. It can be put after that portion of a message that should appear from the bottom, stay for 2 seconds and fly upward.

An example of this pleasant effect <scrol>


A remarkable effect! Everything that there was on a screen before the tag <disap> stops and vanishes dot by dot till the complete disappearance. It’s fantastic!

An example of magical scattering <disap>


Now you want to make the message to appear. It could be done as spectacular as with scattering or by appearance of the message dot by dot. The tag is <app>. Everything that comes to the screen after this tag appears dot by dot stays for two seconds and moves left.

<app> Example of spectacular appearance


Speed change

It is a very useful effect. LEDstream can display a message with three different speeds. For this we may use the following tags: <speed1>, <speed2>, <speed3>.

<speed1> fast, <speed2> medium, <speed3>slow


Change of brightness

By changing brightness you may adapt the use of miniature moving signboard LEDstream for rooms with different lighting conditions. Thus, for dark rooms the brightness of LEDstream could be excessive. For this use one of the tags: <bright1>, <bright2>, <bright3>. Besides, if you use a lower brightness you may extend the work of LEDstream when it uses rechargeable batteries.

<bright1> sunny, <bright2> cloudy, <bright3> night


Download LEDbadge Pro User’s Manual in PDF format.

Firmware Upgrade

Localization and fonts