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With the help of FontDesigner, you can create your own custom font for our devices.

All you need is to download FontDesigner and follow user’s manual to create a font file. Then upload the font file to your device (the same way you normally send file with new message when changing information). After restart, the device will be ready to display messages with the new font.

FontDesigner allows you to give you information the new look and without any additional charges.

Useful tip: if you fill cells of the table with control symbols with primitive graphics, you may significantly enrich the way information is displayed.


You may change the localization of our devices all by your own with the help of the FontDesigner. For that, taking one of the localized fonts make changes in a standard font. And upload the file into your device. More details are in the User’s manual.

Download FontDesigner

Download the pdf version of the FontDesigner User’s Manual