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LEDjewelry User’s Manual

LEDbuckle and LEDjewelry are fashionable spectacular accessories united with the latest innovation in electronics. Modern unique and quality design of these products attracts attention in the daytime. But most important due to the use of light emitting diode technology our spectacular articles become the source of focused attention in the evening and night. And what else do you need in the clubs, discos, on beach, etc.

Make you light more bright and intensive with our amazing accessories of LEDjewelry series –LEDbuckle, LEDhart, Ledcross, LEDapple …!!!

If you want to really impress your friends or acquire new ones or attract attention of a someone special just put our accessory on a belt, hand, T-shirt, handbag… or put it on a neck or just wear it as a charm and you will be a real party star.


On the back side of any of our accessory there is a button. By pressing this button you may change glow effects.

The accessories exist in two versions and differ by effects.

Version 1

The long press of the button turns the device on and off. The sort press of the button changes effects:

“R,G,B” – “RG, RB, BG” – “RGB-Fader”

Version 2

The short press on the button turns the device on and off while sweeping through the effects:

“R,G,B” - “Off” - “RG,RB,BG” - “Off” - “RGB” - “Off” - “Fader” - “Off” - “Flash” - “Off”


The built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery allows the device to work up to 8 hours. You may charge the accessory via the USB port of you computer or from the alternating current circuit via the power adaptor.